Thank you to all the pupils at Kingsmoor Academy that helped with the filming.

‘Bodycare’ is a programme that was developed and delivered by Hogg’s Fitness & First Aid for A Vision of Britain CIC and was proven to be a great success across the schools in the district. This health and fitness programme provides a range of cross-curricular links, including subjects such as science and mathematics. It is particularly designed for children in years 4, 5 & 6 to support the curriculum and is delivered by qualified and experienced fitness staff over an 8-week period.

The total cost for this service is £360 per class that includes 8 hours of a qualified instructor leading the bodycare sessions over an 8-week period, student booklets and certificates for every child.

Bodycare can also be delivered over a 6-week period at a cost of £270 per class, this will mean missing out session 7 and 8. We can deliver Bodycare as an after school club if needed but please contact us for a quote.

On the first session, pupils will be given a ‘Bodycare’ booklet to refer to throughout the course of the programme and will be asked to keep a diary of what exercise (sports/games/play) they take part in each week. Each child will be awarded with ‘fit ticks’ for any physical exercise undertaken each week, allowing their parents to sign off their progress. Children will also be asked to record what food they have eaten throughout the week between sessions, as this will be discussed during the theory sessions.

The way in which the programme is structured means that every child will be able to see some improvement in their own personal performance. From this they will learn the benefits of physical activity, in a non-competitive way.

We are currently looking at funding opportunities to provide this programme free of charge but If you are interested in proving your pupils with this service please and are willing to fund the programme from your school funds please email us and request a booking form. This service will run on a first come first serve basis.

Kingsmoor Academy - Bodycare Testimonial

Bodycare has been very successful within our school. The children thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and looked forward to them every week.

Bodycare focuses on key aspects of Health and Fitness and engaged all of our children through exciting opportunities. The sessions were well prepared, visual and practical which motivated all of our children. In all sessions observed the children were on task and made good progress throughout the sessions both in theory and practical work.

The children involved were very positive about the programme and made conscious efforts to improve their health and fitness both at home and at school. We had an increased uptake at Athletics Club as children wanted to achieve extra’ fit ticks’.

This programme provided a good educational experience for the children through fun activities which the children thoroughly enjoyed. All children were able to access the learning and now all recognise the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

The adults involved in leading the sessions developed a good rapport with the children, which the children responded to. Punctual, sharp paced lessons were always provided which retained the children’s interest.

To summarise, Kingsmoor Academy would highly recommend the BodyCare Programme. An educational and fun experience enjoyed by all!

Ms Angie Atkins

Bodycare Proramme

Week 1 - Introduction to group, identify major organs and their roles, fitness testing, finding pulse rate and taking heart rate

Week 2 - How blood travels, measuring chest expansion, heart and lung circuit

Week 3 - Nutrition and balanced diet, ‘balance your energy’ game

Week 4 - Identify what is meant by 'lifestyle' and designing of playground games

Week 5 - Fitness Testing, crossword and quiz

Week 6 - Active at home

Week 7 - Nutrition in more detail

Week 8 - Smoking and drug awareness

Kids Summer 'Fitness Camp's coming this summer!

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