Mobile Gym

Weight loss – If weight loss is your goal then contact us today, we can make every workout fun and exciting to turn you into a calorie-burning machine! We will give you all the motivation necessary to get you to your realistic body weight. If your budget allows you we can arrange a personalised eating programme that will help you look and feel better. But at no extra cost we can give you general healthy eating advice and great tips to keep on track. Combined that with regular Personal training session you will look and feel great in no time!

Toning – We all want to have a firm toned body to make you feel healthy, younger and fitter. Hogg’s Fitness can provide you a number of different workouts that will use muscles that you didn’t know you ever had. We will use some of the most effective and up-to-date training techniques to stimulate you muscles and tone your body to the best it can be. We use some of the most leading fitness equipment on the market today, showing you how to use them correctly and effectively to make each workout challenging.

Cardio Training – No matter what you like doing for your workouts we can bring it to you. It could be seeing where you are ranked in the country using the Concept 2 Rowing machine. Maybe you would prefer spinning on our Evo ix core training Spinning Bikes followed some boxing to get rid of any frustration! Better still we could enjoy the outside world and the natural beauty that surrounds us by going for a cycle ride, power walk or for a fun fitness testing run. If you like the sound of going for a cycle ride but worried about the good old British weather then don’t worry as you can have a choice of indoor exercise bikes to get you into shape. For comfort we suggest one of our recumbent bikes that offers a very comfortable backrest and is well suited for our older clients but with some of the profile programmes that will give the fitter trainer a hard workout.

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Here is a list of some of the equipment/workouts we can bring to you for your workout:

  • Concept 2 Rowers
  • Recumbent Cycles
  • Evo ix Core Training Spinning Bikes
  • Static Spinning Bikes
  • Swiss Ball Core Training
  • TRX Suspension Training
  • Ripe Training
  • Boxing/Boxercise
  • Reebok Step Training
  • Mini cycle/walkers for our older clients
  • Free Weights
  • Power Band
  • Functional Training
  • Running/Walking/Power Walking
  • Outdoor Cycling
  • And much more!
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