Great Ormond Street Hospital Children's Charity raises money to enable the hospital to provide world class care and to pioneer new treatments and cures for childhood illnesses. This is why I have decided to row 10'000 metres on the Concept 2 Rower everyday throughout February 2014 in the hope to raise as much money as possible for this fantastic charity.

Day 25 Tuesdays are always my long days, but I found some time at the start of the day to complete most of my rowing. I have just completed the last few thousand metres at 10pm, the end is now in sight.

Day 24 complete and 4 days to go!!

Day 22 & Day 23 I only have a few days to go!!!!

Day 20 & Day 21 - Ok, both these days rowing are completed! The muscles in my backside are completely numb! My upper back is feeling a little tight, but I feel good!!
Anyhow, it would be great for someone out there to set me another little challenge as I'm starting to feel it in the last week. Find the nearest Concept 2 rower and programme in 10'000 metres row as hard as you can then post me your time and I will see if I can complete faster. Also please keep the donations coming...

Day 19 today was made a lot easier to do the 10'000 metres as a friend completed 10'000 metres with me. It made a change from rowing late at night watching one of my Box Sets on TV. Although it has been a difficult challenge I feel great as my fitness levels have improved and it just goes to show everyone can find 60 minutes a day for exercise. If you are thinking of starting a new exercise programme and need some advice please contact me and I will be happy to help. Once again thank you so much to everyone that has donated.

Day 16, Day 17 & Day 18 the last few days have been busy again but I've still managed to complete my rowing each day. But as I have been rowing late into the night I haven't got round to updating my posts.

Day 13, Day 14 & Day 15, So the last few days have been very busy what with a full diary and my little boys 6th Birthday I have been completing the rowing last thing at night (11pm/12am) today was a little bit easier as I was delivering a First Aid course and had a 30 minute lunch so completed a quick 6000 metres then after my last Personal Training client complete the rest. It's great to see I have now reached £296 so a big thank you to everyone that has donated so far.

Day 12 - 120'000 metres just done! To make things even better I have had a few more donations!

Day 11 and after a very long hard day I have now completed 11'000 metres. With 17 days to go I have raised £256 which is 26% towards my target of £1k. Hopefully I will upload another video over the weekend and Amelia or Elliot will keep us entertained. Thank you to everyone that had donated

Day 10 just complete 100'000 metres bed now as training at 6am big back session!!!

Day 9 90'000 metres completed. Today has been an easy day, only one Personal Training client so I split the rowing up throughout the day. A friend was going to row with me today but due to illness I was on my own. I was planning to really push myself but thought I'd take it easy!

Day 8 80'000 metres completed!!! Today I only had 3 Personal Training session so I was able to split the rowing up which makes it much easier. However to be honest my legs are feeling it the most, but that's not going to stop me. Thank to everyone that has donated so far, tomorrow should be a good workout as I have a friend helping me. I will post how well I do after that session which I plan to push myself hard.

Day 7 today's rowing was hard the body is starting to feel very tired!

Day 6 has been another full on day. My little boy Elliot was unwell in the night so could not go to school. So being the good Daddy/husband that I am I cancelled my 6:15am client and had an extra hour in bed and took my daughter Amelia into school. Then started my first Personal Training client for the day. Had a total of 3 clients and 2 fitness classes and managed to get to my last class early so completed 10'000 metres in an easy 48 minutes. After the class I unloaded all the equipment out of the van and dived into the bath.

Day 5 another early start with my first client at 6:15am. After this session I managed a quick 2000metres before starting my second client. Then it was a rush to a Bodycare session with a local primary school. After my Bodycare class I had 3 more personal training clients and a class. Had dinner and then finished building the shed I started the other night then smashed out the last 8000 metres for the day in 35 mins. Can't wait for the 6:15am start again with my first client of the day.

Day 4 and it's been another busy day starting with my first client at 6:15am with a massive leg workout. Then at 8am was my second client which was a combination of CV exercises and light weight training. 9:30am - 4:30pm was a big photo shoot. 5:15pm - 6:45pm was a Seated Exercise Class followed by another Personal Training session with two of my older clients. It was a rush back home where I started my Leaping Ladies running session which was about a 4/5mile run. Leaving me a little time to complete todays 10'000 metres!! Any how it's all done for today.

Day 3 30'000 Metres. Well today has been very busy, I've had a full day of Personal Training. I managed to get 1500 metres done at 6am before my first client. I then done 2000 metres with my second client and then the rest I have just completed at a very slow pace.

Day 2

Day 1

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