Kingsmoor Academy - Bodycare

Bodycare has been very successful within our school. The children thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and looked forward to them every week.

Bodycare focuses on key aspects of Health and Fitness and engaged all of our children through exciting opportunities. The sessions were well prepared, visual and practical which motivated all of our children. In all sessions observed the children were on task and made good progress throughout the sessions both in theory and practical work.

The children involved were very positive about the programme and made conscious efforts to improve their health and fitness both at home and at school. We had an increased uptake at Athletics Club as children wanted to achieve extra’ fit ticks’.

This programme provided a good educational experience for the children through fun activities which the children thoroughly enjoyed. All children were able to access the learning and now all recognise the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

The adults involved in leading the sessions developed a good rapport with the children, which the children responded to. Punctual, sharp paced lessons were always provided which retained the children’s interest.

To summarise, Kingsmoor Academy would highly recommend the BodyCare Programme. An educational and fun experience enjoyed by all!

Ms Angie Atkins

(Year 6 Class Teacher, PE Co-ordinator)

The Tottenham Hotspur Foundation recently received funding through the Football Foundation/Sport Relief and Extra Time to establish the HOPE project (Helping Older People Exercise).

'HOPE' aims to help older people increase their levels of physical activity by providing a range of fun, safe and innovative activities. Our intention is to help to make a positive contribution to improving all the participants' wellbeing, health and lifestyle by encouraging regular exercise. Hogg's Fitness & First Aid have been a key partner in ensuring that the programme has been an outstanding success by providing highly qualified and motivated Health & Fitness professionals to deliver one of the projects key elements, the Seated Exercise programme. The feedback from all of the participants has been incredible with everyone agreeing that the sessions have been fun and easy to do, some even said they are now doing the exercises by themselves in the comfort of their own homes.

We would like to express our sincere thanks to everyone at Hogg's Fitness & First Aid for all of their hard work, commitment and professional approach in helping make 'HOPE' such a success and we look forward to working with them again in the near future '

For further information on 'HOPE' please contact Natalie Saunders on 020 8365 5170.

Natalie Saunders

HOPE Project Co-ordinator

Tottenham Hotspur Foundation, 748 High Road, London, N17 0AP

Tottenham Hotspur Foundation Registered Charity No. 1113725

Epping Forest District Council

Active Health is a project that is providing health & fitness opportunities across West Essex funded by Age Concern East and The Big Lottery.

Hogg's Fitness & First Aid have been the key success to the Active Health project by providing us with excellent instructors to deliver all our fitness session. The feedback we have received from our participants have been excellent and for some people "life changing".

Sports & Health Development

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